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Argentinian Releases Olympic Propaganda

Over the last few days there has been some controversy over an advert that the Argentinian government has put out on national television to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of the Falklands/Malvinas war. The advert is also strangely promoting the Argentinian olympic team at the same time.

See the advert here:

I am not usually a fan of using loaded words such as propaganda, but I feel that in this case it is justified because of the nature of the content of this advert. While I definitely sympathise with the issue, this kind of trite nationalism turns my stomach. How this type of action will help in Kirchner’s fight to regain the islands, I have no idea. I would think that her constant bashing on about the issue will only raise expectations in Argentina, and they are expectations that she has no realistic chance of fulfuling.

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Understanding the Falklands/Malvinas Conflict From the Argentinian Perspective

Sometimes it is easy to forget that there are two sides in any conflict. We in Britain celebrate the bravery of our soldiers in the Second World War, but we forget that hundreds of thousands of Germans lost their lives in bombing raids. The current dispute over the Falklands/Malvinas is a case in point. The BBC, for example, has shown considerable bias in its reporting, as another blogger has pointed out. Being British I try my best to understand the the Argentinian side of the conflict, but I still find it difficult to understand the sentiments and emotions at play, although I do not doubt that they are genuine. Two things have helped me to understand the Argentinian side of the conflict a little better.

The first link is from Spanish national television, from a programme called Informe Semanal. The segment follows some Argentinian veterans of the war as they revisit the island 30 years after the end of the 1982 war.


The second link is from the Argentinian newspaper La Nacion. The page has many different videos and news stories about the conflict.


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Thatcher, the Liberator of Argentina(?)

I read this article today in El País, entitled Thatcher, la libertadora argentina. For those of you that don’t read Spanish, or cannot be bothered to read the article, John Carlin (a Brit) argues that Argentinians should thank Thatcher, as her actions  humiliated the military dictatorship and helped to bring about its demise. While he has a point that the passing of the dictatorship was beneficial for Argentina, and that Thatcher played an important role in it, he fails to see the complexity of the situation. The war humiliated not only the military junta, but the Argentinian people too. Many of the Argentinian veterans that returned from the conflict were isolated from society and could not find jobs. The fact that the Argentinians remember the humiliation of their country, and forget the role of Thatcher in ending the dictatorship is not surprising. The British are not guilt free of selective memory themselves. We often claim that we ‘won’ the Second World War, and and fail to mention the role of the USSR, or revile Chuchill, while forgetting that he aggressively supported the British Empire.

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