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Friday Film: Dancing with the Devil

Dancing with the Devil (2009) is a documentary directed by Jon Blair. It is a story about crime in Rio de Janeiro told through the lives of three men: Spiderman, a 28 year old leader of a drug cartel, Leonardo Torres, a police inspector, and Pastor Dione, an evangelical preacher. By approaching the theme from three angles Blair gives us a well rounded insight into the situation.The warped mentality not only of Spiderman, but also of the police inspectors, speaks much about the continuing problems of tackling the drugs problem in large urban centres. The views of Pastor Dione, which often border on hyperbole, add another interesting take on the situation, and also provide insights into the rise of evangelical Christianity in Brazil. Despite the fact that the film is now a little out of date, as the police in Rio have started implementing a pacification programme, it is still well worth watching.

Film trailer:

The film is a little difficult to find on the internet, but a little bit of¬†perseverance will pay off. For more information see the film’s official website, and IMDb.

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