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Proceso Journalist Murdered in Veracruz

Regina Martínez

The Mexican journalist Regina Martínez, a regular contributor to the Mexican magazine Proceso, has been found dead this weekend. According to the state of Verzcruz, where she lived, it appears that she suffered a violent death with signs of a beating, and eventual death by stangulation. Martínez dedicated more than thirty years to investigating drugs trafficking in Mexico and its links to central and local government officials. In the past two years Veracruz has become a battle ground between drugs cartels fighting for the ports on the Gulf coast. Martínez is the fourth journalist killed in the state  in the past 18 months. Reporters Without Borders now estimate that more than 80 journalsits have been murdered since 2000, with a further 14 disappeared. The death of journalists in Mexico is especially worrying as magazines such as Proceso offer some of the only quality reporting in Mexico, and play an important role in bringing the state to account.

Take a look at the Proceso website to keep up to date with all things Mexican.


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